Women thrash UAB 100-52

Alexis Tolefree led the scoring with 17. We hit 15 treys.

Another home game Thursday vs. TCU in the WNIT.

Considering that Tennessee went out in the NCAA first round without a whimper, they took the wrong SEC also-ran, I think.

Did I hear right, did announcers say over 7000 people there ?

The general consensus here in Vol country is that Holly is about to be fired. They have been down on her for a while.

I didn’t hear that. Official attendance was 3939.

Thanks, 3939 is outstanding

I suspect that’s why we get another home game Thursday.

I saw that CBS Sports Network will show the WNIT finals. Maybe it will be from BWA again. Last time we were in it we got 14,000 in the Bud Bowl.

3900 is nuts. There were at least 5500-6000. The scan thing just does not work.

The scanned number was even less than that. I guess that was total tickets sold or something.

Our Ladies did that with super star CD just coasting. Tolefree put on a shooting clinic in one stretch of the game…By the way I am claiming Dungee as my Super Girl Friend. Kid is really good.

Forget the men and their boring underachieving never better than middle of the pack SEC team. The women is an exciting team to watch that is greatly exceeding expectation with clearly the best basketball coach and will only get better.

That is the deal with NIT and WNIT. Whoever gets home games usually wins. If Indiana game for men was at BWA, we probably win. If the Houston game for ladies was at Houston, good chance Houston wins,

You just cannot compliment one Razorback team and coach without denigrating another Razorback team and coach. Seems a bit petty.

UAB schemed their entire defense to take CD out of the game, daring the other 4 ladies on the court to beat them (which they did quite effectively).

Or by “coasting” do you mean she didn’t try to go “get the game”?

If that’s your take, she’d be better off being a SGF for someone else; sheesh! :roll:

Gay is CMA’s elmo-e. :roll:

It felt like more than 3500 in attendance. I thought they were fun to watch and everyone played with effort and energy. I have my tickets and look forward to Thursday night.