Women schedule notes

The schedule hasn’t been released yet, but Arkansas’ marquee non-conference games are going to be against Arizona State and Nebraska at Bud Walton Arena, and at Iowa State in the SEC/Big 12 challenge. The Razorbacks also are going to play in an event in Nashville over the Thanksgiving weekend, although the teams for that event have not been finalized.

Just FYI, Matt, that should be the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. :sunglasses:

Well, now, let’s be a little more precise. If you are suggesting that he follow the ArkDemGaz (or whatever it is) Stylebook, there should clearly be no punctuation following the city name.

My admonition is not based on any previous sighting or knowledge of said guidelines, but on the fact that there has never, not once, been a trailing punctuation mark setting the city apart in any of the thousands of references to such in their printed articles. One can only assume that the period would be incorrect form, also.

Please forgive my intrusion.