Women’s Tournament

If I were an AM fan I would be royally PO’ed

You lose TWO games playing in the toughest conference in America, and you are a 2 seed???

Totally agree! I bet Gary Blair has his girls playing with a chip on their shoulders.

Hogs get a 4 seed.

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I like the Lady Backs bracket. Looks good for sweet 16

That wasn’t right. South Carolina should have been the 2 instead of Texas A&M!

…and if we indeed make it to the rd of 16, while Stanford looks to be better than us, the fact that they like to play an open up tempo style helps us. Chelsea might just score 36 again, and if Amber is hitting, watch out.

I agree that TA&M got shafted.

That might be the case, but we got shafted in both games we played against the Aggies. Go Hogs!

We had a chance to win both games and couldn’t keep the same Aggie from driving to the basket. Make one stop is all we needed.

Or get a call. The first game the Aggie got to the hole without walking. On the second game she took extra steps.
In the first game Dungee was fouled on the last shot!

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