Women’s Team

Interview with the head of the women’s selection committee said AR is one of the Final Eight being considered. Hope they get it

They deserve it! It has been fun watching them all season! Mike Neighbors is a fabulous coach!

These players deserve it. Chelsea reminds me so much of Joe Johnson. That taking defender off the dribble at will is sonething I have always admired. We got some shooters and couple of girls that are playmakers.

They need some size in the middle. If they had that they would be unstoppable.

I understand there will be more size next year. However, I don’t know who will run the point next year, but they will Malika Monk’s quickness and how she speeds up the game.

Sounds like the TCU transfer Amber Ramirez might fit the job description. She’s a combo guard but averaged 3+ assists in 2018 and is supposedly very good in the open floor.

Would be great for the these girls to get some tourney experience this year, because I’m sure they will be back in next year with possibly a very good seed.

They have options at the point guard. Most likely Amber Ramirez, a 5 star transfer from TCU; but, if she lives up to her potential, A’Tytanna Gaulden, a former top 25 recruit, that transferred from Florida State, may have something to say about that. Regardless, they will both play a lot as will Jailyn Mason who can play the point plus Neighbors signed a point guard that will be a freshman.

Women’s bracketologist Charlie Creme doesn’t think we get in, but Tennessee and Auburn do. That 1-8 stretch is too much to overcome. Hope he’s wrong but suspect he isn’t.

ESPN supposedly accidentally leaked the bracket for tonight’s show… Somebody has posted screenshots on Twitter and we didn’t get in but Tennessee in Auburn did from that final eight

If not N C A A maybe WNIT

Here’s a link to the bracket (and you’re right we did not make it): https://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/im … ky31iw.jpg

Should they play a meaningless NIT game?:grinning::grinning::grinning:

Hope one of them has as good a handle as Malika. When someone says “he or she can play the point” instead of “plays the point”, alarm bells go off for me.

TN did despite the fact we beat them twice…

the thing with the women, even if they don’t make it, they have VERY good recruits and transfers coming in. plus we’ve seen how neighbors coaches. football also had a VERY good recruiting class. we need to see this in mens basketball since recruiting and players leaving got us into this mess.

We only beat TN once! Because we only played them once!

Girls are in WNIT just don’t know who or where they are playing!

One of the things the selection people were looking at was how teams did in their conference tourneys. I guess beating 2 ranked teams back to back in the SEC tourney was overlooked. Looking forward to next season when the ladies will be wondering where, not if they get in.