Women’s Soccer Game

Hog Family - if someone doesn’t mind can you please post score updates as I am unable to watch the game.

Much appreciated!

Carolina up 1-0 at half. They scored a fluky goal.

Carolina, 2-1 final.

South Carolina wins 2-1. Difference in the game was the Carolina goalkeeper. She made four to five big-time saves. The Arkansas keepers (two played) didn’t do as well.

One USC goal was a one-on-one on a counter that would be impossible to stop. But the other Carolina goal should have been saved. Keeper didn’t come out hard enough for a weak cross and a weird pop up shot came down in an awkward spot and she was out of position.

Arkansas had plenty of chances, although didn’t do much to maintain possession in the midfield. They played more “kick ball” tonight than I’ve seen. I’ll give Carolina’s midfield credit for disrupting, but it was not pretty soccer for much of the game.

I thought the Poultry was offside on the winning goal, but the flag stayed down. It seems that SoCar is just a bad matchup for us; they park the bus and hit us on the counter.

Thanks for the updates last night hog family! Hate that we lost, seems as though SC has been our kryptonite the sat couple of years.

I also thought they were offside but what can you do?

Not a darn thing. SEC doesn’t have VAR and they don’t have enough cameras to do VAR if they did. You would have needed a camera looking down the 18-yard line to see it properly.

I could not see an angle that proved offside. The Arkansas center back raises her hand because she stopped running with Chang before the pass to make her offside. But the right back did not pull up on the far side and I think put Chang on side. Bad communication perhaps.

she did not start offside which was good reffing, Kayla McKeon gave no effort after she lost the ball to catch and defend Chang. That is rec league screw up and the no effort part was awaful. The winning score started in our end and either McKeon is really slow, was worn out or just indifferent to making the right hustle play.


I was driving through Durham-Chapel Hill- Raliegh about that time and just now getting to review both games from the weekend. Did get to listen to the Hogs vs Rebnecks for time off the clock headed back to TN.

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