Women’s SEC X country - Winner, winner!

The men came in 3rd to Ole Miss. If you would like to watch, it’s in the SEC network.

I liked the call to post bugle.

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Noted in the talking points, the GPA for all 22 Arkansas women on the team is 3.86.

Katy Izzo wins! Team goes 1, 2, 4, 5, and 9. Wow, just wow.

Taylor Werner has been the number 1 runner all year, so this was a breakthrough for Izzo. These ladies are good!

Izzo has been right there with Werner all year. She is a pretty incredible story. She was 88th last year at the NCAA meet for Cal Poly, but she will probably be top 10 this year.

WPS…a Double in SEC Championships for our Ladies this week!

OMG. I just saw the scores. Lady Razorbacks 21 points and OM in 2nd with 93 points. You talk about smoking the Sec! Wow.

As a comparison, the Rebnecks won the men’s race with 35 points. Lance Harter has a really special group of cross country runners.

3.86. Now that is even more impressive than their running ability, which is very impressive

I spoke to Lance after the race yesterday. I told him it was the third-largest margin of victory for his team at an SEC meet, but he told me he thought it was the most impressive conference race he has been part of because he said the talent level is really good this year in the conference. He said there are three elite runners on other teams, and Arkansas finished with four of the top five.