Women Rise in AP Poll

Arkansas’ next three games:
vs. #16 Oregon (N)
vs. #3 Ohio State OR South Florida (N)
vs. #10 LSU

Barring upsets, that’d be four straight games against ranked opponents! :open_mouth:

Sure glad Mak is back. :+1:

I just looked at the SEC women’s hoops standings. SOS has a lot to do with this, but the worst record in the SEC right now? Tennessee at 7-6 (SOS is #4).

Lady Vols lost their opener at Ohio State, by the way, so that will give us a measuring stick against them if we play the Suckeyes in San Diego.

The good news is, after we play the Corndogs on the 29th, we only have two games left against currently ranked teams – back to back at LSU and at the #1 Poultry.

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