Women play with Men’s ball

How do you not know you have the wrong ball in your hands. Coach blaming everyone but her players. I don’t understand. Even says players complaining about ball but wait until half time to check it.

I read in one of the articles last night that one women’s team used the wrong ball at home for half of a season. Think it might have been College of Charleston (@hogmaestro you remember that?)

You’d think someone would notice, but then the kids would probably attribute it to something else, like the grownups wouldn’t screw this up, would they?

Both teams played with the same ball

Stupid error, but can’t blame the loss on it


Agreed. A women’s basketball feels a lot different than a men’s ball.

Probably not, but if it had been just a 2 or 3 point difference in the game it might be to blame. What if the FSU team was practicing with just a men’s ball in the days leading up to the game, and purposely put that men’s ball in the game? That would give an edge to FSU.

It’s the responsibility of the game officials first and foremost. I remember when I was a football team manager in high school they rejected one of the balls we presented as a game ball because it wasn’t properly striped or something. The officials are supposed to inspect and approve the ball.

The ACC has denied that a men’s ball was used in the first half.

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I don’t! You’d think I would too…

From ESPN story on the subject:

This wasn’t the first time this has happened in women’s basketball. In 2017, the College of Charleston played home games and practiced with men’s balls for most of its season until the error was discovered.

IIRC, in the early days of women’s college hoops they used the men’s ball; the switch to the smaller ball came in 1984.

I used to practice against the Lady Techsters in Ruston late 80’s and you can definitely tell a difference in the ball! It threw off the guys’ shots bc a little lighter.

I swear the ball they made us play with in our 3v3 league, felt like a greased medicine ball. That thing was slick and heavy. Everyone complained, but they never replaced it. The good shooters adjusted. I, on the other hand, shot.00000213 for the season. Size and grip matter!

That was going to be exactly my response. The referee should have never ever allowed the game to start with the men’s basketball that’s where the blame needs to start and end. I totally understand blaming the coaches and the girls but the ref should have never let the game even start

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