Women off to a slow start against Misery

Didn’t make a shot from the floor for five minutes, trailed 22-14 after the first quarter. But we’ve rallied to a 24-24 tie. Misery is getting in some major foul trouble already and we’ve forced 10 turnovers.

The second quarter they stated hitting some shots and the defense has been solid. They’ve built a small lead.
Ramirez hit a 3 that seemed to spark the hogs. Dungee has made some big plays.

Hogs 33
Missouri 30

86-62 with three minutes left. Misery girl just fouled out with a technical jawing with Chelsea Dungee. Dungee now has 38 points this afternoon.

Dungee was ready to throw punches. Mizzou was fiesty at the end.

The hogs exploded when the shots started to fall and it got the defense going. It was sure fun to watch.

She did her best Abe Lemons impersonation. Hold me back! Hold me back! I’ll tear her Sunday suit!

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thats just Missouri’s way…Sophie Cunningham played hard…sometimes too hard and had a borderline reputation of being dirty.heard that several time last couple of years during Mizzou games

They were jawing the whole game… it was pretty physical at times and I don’t know what she said to Dungee but it must have been good because Dungee reacted immediately. Will be interesting to see the rematch at their place.

I have no idea why they’re running their mouths with a few seconds left in a blowout loss and the Misery coach was reading her the riot act on the bench afterward.

She and Dungee were going at it pretty good from early on in the game. Dungee was giving as much as she was getting and was playing more physical than I think I’ve seen her. I thought Dungee was going to take a swing at her actually …

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