Women now 8-0

Beat Texas Tech 66-60 this afternoon at BWA. Game was on SECN. Hogs led by 15 early in fourth quarter, went a little cold but held on without too much difficulty.

What are your thoughts about 4 quarters v 2 halves? Noticed any differences?

I love the quarters concept. I think it speeds up the game because it eliminates one media timeout each half.

I would be all for it. There are way too many Tv timeouts during the halves. I wonder if it also cuts down on FTs

Thanks. How do fouls and the bonus work? I wonder if it would be advantageous for the Hogs. Seems like the opponent is in the bonus with 14 minutes left in the game.

There are no one-and-one fouls anymore, just two free throws beginning on the fifth foul of each quarter.

Interesting. Thanks. I like that idea. I wish the NCAA would experiment with it in the men’s game next during the exhibition season.

Main thing that cuts down on free throws is not fouling…

Women are averaging 16 FTAs per game through 8 games, while opponents are taking almost 18 FTs a game. We’re fouling 15 times a game, they’re fouling almost 18.

Men are averaging 18 FTA per game through six games, while opponents are also taking 18 FT per game. Fouls are 22 for us, 21 for opponents.

Not a huge difference.

I did notice today that late in the game we were not in the bonus yet and TTech was fouling us just to get to that fifth foul so we would start shooting free throws.