Women not in AP preseason top 25

Got 10 points, tied for 31st with SAO. Chickens are #1; UConn is #2, Kentucky 13th, Tennessee 15th, TAM 23rd. Georgia was 26th. We play all of those once each except EOE

That’s a little bit odd after what they did last season. Laying an egg in March may be what cost them being ranked to start the season. It won’t take them long to get in the top 25.

They are yet to win a NCAA game under Neighbors. There is no history to go with to rank them. Let’s make it bulletin board material.

The Lady Razorbacks were also a 9 seed in ESPN’s latest bracketology. That would be in keeping with their 30s ranking.

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No Dungee, no Slocum. That’s 37 points per game out the door. I’m not at all surprised they’re not ranked.

Unless you are Connecticut or Baylor, don’t count on incoming recruits to get Arkansas recognized. They’ll have to do it on the court. On paper, we should have a great team relative to the past. Losing two stars to the NBA does hurt though.

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