Women lost to Creighton 81-72

Makayla Daniels scored 34 but the rest of the team only combined for 38. Creighton won the boards and had five girls in double figures. They made 14 threes, we made 11, and those nine points were the margin.

Looked to me like the ladies have the same problem as the men - they do not defend the three point shooters very well. Too many wide open three’s for Creighton.

Arkansas women are missing five players - one transferring to Ole Miss and four that are injured. That quartet includes key players Amber Ramirez, Erynn Barnum, Emrie Ellis and Maryam Dauda, who is still not ready to play off her knee injury.

Coach Neighbors expects Ramirez and Ellis back before long , Barnun a little later and is just playing it by ear with Maryam

hey Dudley, I saw Ellis turn her ankle…and leave the game. I don’t guess I saw Erynn injure herself. What happened? Is it am ankle? Knee? Something else?

yea…can’t get upset when you don’t have Amber or Erynn…two starters…plus missing Emrie, who has been a major factor so far.

Once this team is totally healthy…look out.

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I thought that the defense looked sluggish, particularly guarding the lane, getting taken off the dribble many times for easy baskets. Missed way too many layups and easy baskets on the offensive side too. But possibly the worst was in the last 2 minutes, with not enough fouls to put Creighton at the line, every time they fouled, it reset the clock to 20 seconds with an in-bound. Three times they fouled with less than 5 seconds on the play clock, once with only 1 second with a dead-ball foul before the inbound pass. That spoiled any hope for a comeback.

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The young lady from Springdale transferring to Ole Miss?


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