Women lead #15 Kentucky 38-35 at halftime

Hitting the threes today (6 of 11 on treys). This is a big game against a ranked team for bubble purposes as well as the SEC standings (currently a 10 seed in bracketology). We’re leading in spite of 10 turnovers, which is almost our average for a full game.

The TO have been a little sloppy!
2 charges one by Chelsea and 1 by Gauldin. Gauldin has a man wide open on her charge but failed to pass.

Ranked 25 in the country and a 10 seed in the brackets doesn’t seem to make any type of mathematical logic.
Either the Rankings or the Brackets aren’t done with enough rational thought and integrity.
Placing them on a 10 seed would equate to them being the number 41-44 ranked team in the tournament.

That’s RPI driven. We’re #42 in RPI entering today, which would actually be an 11 seed. The good news is our remaining schedule is pretty favorable, with only @ Moo U looming as a likely loss.

Tolefree has four treys and leads us with 16. Dungee has 14 but is on the bench with three fouls after a couple of mystery charges called by the same official.

71-54 after three quarters, which is a 33-point quarter based on five treys. Tolefree with 18, Dungee with 17, and three more with 8 each. Hogs have made 11 from deep already.

One charge was questionable the other one she pushed off big time.

The foul called on Kentucky on Tolfree’s 3 not being in the act of shooting is just sorry on the Ref

Probably, but that same ref also called a couple of other mystery charges on Ramirez and (I think) Tolefree. While somebody somehow thought Daniels fouled somebody’s shoulder with her face.

Just like what Hog just fouled Kentucky on that drive. Nobody but it got called.

They were on fire from the three that’s usually a good sign.

103-85 final. Finished with 14 threes. Tolefree finished with 30

That were good from the free throw line too! I will be glad when our men starting shooting like the women.
Good win for the Hogs.

Women are at least going 8 deep now that Williams is getting some time off the bench.

SEC standings with five games to go:
Chickens 10-0
Moo U 10-1
EOE 7-3
LSU 6-3
Hogs 7-4
KY 7-4.
Aggies 6-4
and everyone else at 4-7 or below.

We have last place @ Rebnecks next, Tennessee, @ Florida, @ Moo U, and LSU.

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3-2 finish would be good!
Maybe the hogs could get lucky and go 4-1. The only real bad loss was Georgia.

Really enjoyed watching the ladies play today! Especially enjoyed watching Tolefree. Won’t be long until Mike Neighbors has us in the national conversation. I wish the men could play with as much joy as these ladies do.

What CEM took over was in better shape than the women just no depth. I think the women are in the national conversation. Top 25! Is a good start.

CEM will do the same he just needs this next incoming recruiting class to get on campus. The basketball program both men and women are in great hands!
I also enjoy watching.

Agree 100%, Army. I enjoy reading your posts. You don’t back down if you feel something, even if it’s not popular. Much respect to you, sir, and your service. You are a true Razorback fan.

Your also a true hog fan! And thank you!

Where is the bitching about the black uniforms the women wore today? Crickets…Winning helps. LOL.