Women in their first SEC final

Gary Blair never managed that, folks. 58-51 over Gary’s Aggies.

Wow! What an impressive come from behind win! They owned the 4th quarter and once again would not be denied! Awesome game and just a great day all around for Hog hoops!! WPS!

I know the Aggies were shorthanded with Carter’s injury, but Blair didn’t use his bench at all and they were completely out of gas in the last five minutes. Mystified by that.

The ladies were tired. I wonder if they will be able to muster a good effort tomorrow aginst Miss St? I thought next year might be the year for the ladies but man have they got hot in the SEC Tournamnet. They won’t get into the dance without a win tomorrow which is really a shame!
Next year they will be good.
I hope they pull out a win tomorrow but they are wore out!