Women in 4th in NCAA golf regional

Hogs completed first round in Washington state at -1. Other schools still on the course. Top six after Wednesday’s final round advance to The Blessings for nationals.

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now tied for second with big 8 shot lead over seventh place:

http://results.golfstat.com//public/lea … &tid=17531

Now alone in second with a nine-shot cushion over 7th place. Not that we’re playing that great (+3 for the day) but other schools playing worse. Course is a lot tougher today it appears. Best team score for today so far is +3. Fassi is -3 today and now leads the individual standings at -6. But we’re also counting two +2s and a +3.

That girl from Wake Forest that beat Fassi at Augusta National is playing in the regional at OU. She shot a 69 today and is tied for fifth in the individuals there. Wake is currently fourth in that regional at the end of day 2.

They key number at this moment is 8 - the number of strokes between where we are at +4, and the 7th place team (+12). So long as we finish within the top 6, we advance. Fassi just took a painful double bogey on a par 5 - ouch!

It’s kind of like our recent discussions about the RPI and Baseball Tournament seeds - you just need to finish in the top 8. In baseball, some other factors do come into it (for example, if we win the SEC West but somehow finished 9th in RPI (which is very unlikely because of the record we will achieve if we win the West), it would undoubtedly help us with our seeding over other teams right around us that, say, finish 2nd or 3rd in their division. But in golf at this level, it’s 100% about where you finish in the regional.

The Ladies definitely do not like the par 3s at this course. Struggling to get to the clubhouse today, looks like they are going over par for the 12 counting scores on the closing par 5s too (where they saved yesterday’s round). Wonder what the wind conditions are today?


All that matter is to survive and advance!
I wonder if the home course advantage could help? It sure helped the cowboys last year!

Back in fourth at the end of day 2 at +7. Lost four shots late. Cushion is five shots. Maria Fassi slipped back to even for the day and is tied for sixth, four shots back. Kaylee Benton is tied for 13th after a 75 today.

I suspect we’ll be grouped with Northwestern and Ohio State tomorrow, the fifth and sixth-place teams. UCF is tied with tOSU at +12.

http://results.golfstat.com/public/lead … 7531&rid=3

and it is tOSU and Northwestern

weather will be warmer with same kind of winds

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