Women hang up 102 on Florida

Don’t roast me for this, but Saylor is very pretty. I wonder if she is getting some good NIL offers.
I guarantee Chelsea would have had some, but her college career, sadly, ended one year too early.
Seems like the pretty girls are killing the NIL game.
Color me shocked. :wink:

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Apple Air Tags

I highly endorse them

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Jeff, That is amazing considering '68 damaged so many short memories. :rofl:

Though I have high regard for both you and hogmaestro, I suggest more caution in raising these obvious visual distortions likely caused by camera angles and BWA court lighting…the SEC chief of officials might take notice believing the Razorback BB Gilts are not receiving sufficient calls of fouls. I suggest the triple uncalled elbow to the face and chin Jersey received more than offsets any casual feint of elbow made by Salyor as a defense against the undisciplined frustrations of Florida hatchlings. As fans unlike the color person in a league broadcast, we can be homers!!

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I saw something last week that a woman who flew United had AirTags in her luggage. United lost the bag, of course. She eventually tracked her bag using the AirTag to an apartment complex in the DC area. She went there and found several bags that had been opened and dumped. Amazingly she eventually got her bag back, unopened and intact. But she wouldn’t have without AirTag.

I’m generally opposed to overpriced Apple garbage, but I might have to make an exception for AirTag for my Scotland trip. Although it also requires an iPhone IIRC, so that may be going too far.

You need to come over to the light
From the dark side

I am an unabashed Apple lover

We have 3 iMacs
A MacBook Pro
A very old MacBook
IPhone 14ProMax
IPhone 13Pro
3 Apple Watches including the Ultra
IPad Pro
Another iPad
IPad Mini
Two sets of AirPods
Four Air Tags
Apple TV 4K
Apple TV first gen

And countless other items we have traded in for upgrades

I actually had an early generation Macintosh like 23 years ago, which kind of cured me of any inclination toward Apple. Plus an old girlfriend had an iPhone which neither one of us could figure out.

I’m not an Apple fan either, Jeff.
I’ll stick with Samsung.

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IMVVVVHO Saylor is prettier than the Cavinder twins who have made huge bank at Fresno State and now The U. But what they had, more than looks, is a huge social media following. The LSU gymnast (who is also quite attractive), ditto. I’m sure their looks helped the Cavinders and the LSU girl build those followings, but still. Looks alone don’t get you there.

I looked up Saylor’s Twitter, TikTok and IG. She has 3,826 followers on Twitter, 15,600 on TikTok and 31,600 on IG. And the first pinned post on her Twitter page is the official Saylor T-shirt for $35.

How many followers do the Cavinders have? 4.1 million on TikTok. The LSU gymnast, Olivia Dunne? 6.6 million.

Somehow, I just knew you would do that research. :sunglasses:

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I can’t even get my Mom to follow me on Facebook…

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My mom can’t even figure out texting. Or reading texts. Forget email or Facebook or anything like that. I tried to teach her and just gave up. If I want to communicate with her, I go through Dad.

I think Mom could probably be described as a Luddite.

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