Women draw La Tech in WNIT

Thursday at 7 at BWA. Fortunately the men will be through by then.

UALR got a first round game at SMU at the same time. A little surprised they didn’t do the rematch.

anyone else remember the days of La Tech and Len Barmore? I saw them play Wayland Baptist , the flying Queens in person (131 consecutive wins). Not really relevant but it was the home university of Kim Mulkey when she was Olympian. No semblancer now, but they were a counted upon national power until the mid 80/s. Their coach was Barmore’s last point guard and a captain. They now have a strong contingent of Euro’s and have played a pretty good schedule. Great first test for Mike and crew.

Dang. I’ll have to record it. Who is broadcasting?

I remember when Immaculata and Delta State were the dominant teams in the country LOL

Yes, I remember the days when the girls played 6 on 6 basketball……my how the women’s game changed.

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Wayland Baptist and Nashville Business College before that. My mother was recruited by Nashville Business College.

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yes my mom used to tell me about those days where you play either offense or either defense… so yeah it’s come a long ways!

We did it in high school for fun once. It is harder to go at a dead run then stop at half court then you think. Plus defense all the time? Who wants that.

Lady Techsters coach is from Hamburg…Brooke Lassiter. She played for Leon Barmore back at the end of his career. Tech is a shell of a program it once was…just can’t keep up with all the money spent on women’s hoops by the big programs. The great talent that Leon mad Mulkey recruited to Ruston now goes to Baton Rouge and elsewhere.

Ouachita actually was one of the powers of women’s basketball in the Wayland Baptist era. Ouachita and Delta are now D-2. Wayland Baptist is NAIA.

I saw Wayland at Ouachita also, close game won by the Flying Queens. I saw lots and lots of Henderson v OBU basketball with lots of crazy games. Enos Mitchell all 5’8" of him split his head on a rim dunking over Vining Jr.

Anyone fill out a NIT bracket?


If we play SFA in Fayetteville then I got us playing KS in group 3 final.

Oh yeah. I remember Enos very well. And he had some mad hops.

One thing. Vining Jr. was a senior in 1976. And dunks weren’t legal in 1976; they came back for the 76-77 season.

The reason I know Enos could dunk is that, although dunks were illegal both in the game and in warmups, the refs had the good sense to stay in the locker room prior to the BOTR games. So the layup lines became dunkfests. And Enos was throwing them down right beside Maurice Scarborough and Thomas Wesley.

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