Women down by 2 at halftime

This was a program changing win for us. We beat the gold standard. Hats off to Geno for taking the game. He certainly did not have to. Chelsea Dungee is must see TV! She is a beast! Congrats to Coach Neighbors and his ladies! So proud!

I bet it would’ve been at least 10-11K even with the lousy start time.

I went to the WNIT final in ‘99 against Wisconsin and I want to say actual attendance was 14K. It was loud, felt like a men’s game.

Yes, hats off to Geno. He knew Arkansas had beaten Baylor and is very good and knowing he has a young relatively inexperienced team, he did not flinch to come all the way down to Fayetteville into the lion’s den.

Also hats off to Mike. Wonder if Geno had come if Mike was not coaching here right now.

Probably not. Mike Neighbors is a God send for this program. He totally gets who we are and who we aspire to be.

What a game. I was on total pins and needles. Chelsea Dungee is a truly great player. She played GREAT tonight. And great against UGA. (And many other times). The difference tonight was an aggressiveness that the entire squad had. I think it radiated out from Chelsea…but you could see it in every kid out there. Boxing out with heart. Ripping the bal out of UConn hands. Just an overall desire to not be a finesse team…but rather to scrap and bang with everything they had… They DO lack bigs, and that does hurt them sometimes. But when this team is hitting 3’s at a good percentage, getting production from all of the 4 starting guards and playing with the physicality they displayed tonight, they can beat anyone. They just proved that.

It does make you wonder if being shorthanded made the team even more determined to play well and win.

Could be. Although I think they were focused regardless. UConn will definitely get your attention, but all those losses to ranked teams, particularly the buzzer-beater at Athens, had our girls more than a tad irritated.

They also knew there wasn’t going to be much break. Chelsea was out for a total of 1 minute, 9 seconds; she played the entire second half nonstop. Amber was out 1:35. All five starters played 30 minutes plus. The bench got a total of 27:54 and scored 11 points (and we needed all of them, especially the trey by Davis).

UConn is only four years removed from their 111-game winning streak (ended by Moo U in the Final Four in 2017). The most amazing thing about that streak is that 108 of the 111 were won by double digits. Geno just hasn’t had to grind for too many victories like he was trying to do last night.

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