Women down by 2 at halftime

Jumped out to 5-0 lead against UConn, lead went back and forth, finally Huskies hit a trey at the end of the half. Dungee has 15 for us, Christyn Williams leads UConn with 12. Hogs shot 48% from the field including 6-13 from deep; UConn hasn’t allowed anyone to shoot even 40% for a game so far.

10 threes for Arkansas at 4:00 3Q. Dungee is on fire. 52-61 (Lady’backs) at 3:40.

Up 10 after three quarters. Hogs shot 70% in the third quarter and scored 31 points. There have been GAMES UConn didn’t give up 31 points under Geno. Dungee has 28 and one of the UConn bigs has already fouled out.

And we now have 12 treys.

Lack of athletic bigs really hurts.

Yeah it hurt so much we just beat the 11-time national champions


They pulled it out I got in time to watch the last 3 minutes what a great win

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I’ll eat a little crow for a great victory like that. :+1::+1:

Wonderful win. I watched the last 9 minutes—long enough to see us lose a 10 point lead & get behind by a fg. But, bang, they came right back. I’m really excited they won. Too bad we lost those heartbreakers to UGA & A&M. Still, this ought to serve us well when it comes to NCAAT seeding.

Never underestimate a Razorback. WPS!!!

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UConn was #1 in NET. We were 25th. Talk about a Q1 win…

The #2 (NC State) and #3 teams in the women’s poll both lost road games tonight. The top-ranked team is Louisville. SoCar is #4 in AP and is up 13 at halftime on Moo U.


Watched from start to finish and very refreshing to watch the referees let them play without tricky tacky Fouls called ever 2 minutes— very enjoyable game

There were 36 fouls called. Of course 23 of them were on UConn. I suspect Geno thinks he got hosed. Chelsea definitely had the Moncrief move going – dribble with one hand, clear out with the other.


Great game. Dungee was special Chrystan Williams played tight, was passing up shots and missed key free throws.

You hear players talk about how excited they are to play in their home state or home town, but truth be told, most play tight.

This game was awesome but also frustrating. Awesome in that our ladies beat a top 5 team for the second time from another conference. Frustrating in that our ladies keep losing to in conference opponents that we are better than.

Tonights game I saw a LOT more confidence in this team and their trust in each other and I wondered the whole time where that was against the Kentuckys, Tennessees and Georgias in this league.

Still awesome win!!!

PJ, going home is a double edged sword. You are correct. You can’t let the emotions get to you.

Interestingly, golf has strange dynamics as far as local knowledge. In amateur golf, it’s huge. For example, Maria Fassi had a huge advantage over the field at The Blessings.

But, I covered a lot of professional golf in my time as the golf writer at the Tulsa World. When the PGA came to Oak Tree (in Edmond) in 1988 I learned about local knowledge in pro golf. Not important. Bob Tway, Doug Tewell, Gil Morgan, Danny Edwards and David Edwards all had homes on the course. I figured one or two of those would make a run. Nope.

Bob Tway told me that in pro golf that the players and caddies are so thorough in digesting the yardage, greens and nuances that there is little advantage in local knowledge. Plus, he said that his friends and family were just all over them and relatives (parents and grand parents) filled up their homes and the entertaining was intense. I was a little surprised, but that’s exactly how it turned out.

Tway said the pressure to do well in an event in that was basically played in their backyard was really heavy. None of those guys played well.

Great win, ladies! Go Hogs!!!

It ranks as one of the top wins in the history of the women’s program. I give Geno credit for taking the game.

I think golf is more like tennis. Having played basketball and tennis. My personal experience is that for basketball, the relatively shorter length of the game and limited touches you get plus carrying the weight of the teammates, makes it a lot more difficult to overcome tightness than what I found in tennis. Tennis match may not last longer, but it is only you on one side of the net and you get to hit the ball quite a lot in that duration and you eventually calm down and play your normal game.

I have never played tournament golf, just pickup golf. I agree familiarity of the golf course plays a huge role, but my guess is that golf is more like tennis where there is ample time to calm your nerves down.

Went to the game with my father-in-law and enjoyed the atmosphere. It was neat to get a different perspective. Shortly after the final buzzer sounded Hunter Yurachek met Mike Neighbors on the court, hugged him then picked him up off the floor. Pretty cool moment.

As a reporter, I’ve sat in the stands only a few times. It’s an entirely different feeling. I’ve sat in the stands at more women’s games than men’s. I took my daughters to quite a few games when they were junior high basketball players.

If not for Covid, I wonder how many fans would have come to this game? They might have filled it up. Too bad that didn’t happen. But listening on TV, you could hear the crowd and I listened to Mike Neighbors in his post-game say the home crowd was maybe worth 15 points. That is probably true.