Women crush UT-Arlington 91-57

Record is now 8-3. For once, Malica Monk or Devin Cosper did not lead us in scoring. Raven Northcross-Baker scored 22. Monk had 20, Cosper only 8, but her production wasn’t missed.

Next up is a road test at Arizona State on Thursday. Sun Devils are 7-3 pending tomorrow’s game with Idaho. They just lost their second leading scorer to a torn ACL. Earlier in the year, they gave Mississippi State a close game at a tournament in Cancun (must be nice).

What was truly amazing was that UT-A came in with a pretty stingy 3-point defense (allowing only 20% or so).

And yet we dropped in 12 of 28; think Raven was like 6 of 8.

Simply amazing.