Women better than Men


The UA women are apparently better at shooting the 3 than the men. Currently the women are shooting 53.1% (17 of 32) where as the men are shooting 34% (16 of 47).


Shooting is about technique and finesse. Two things women are better than men at. I’m not surprised.

Women in general are better than men. I’m talking in life.

Lord knows where I would be without Megan.

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Mike Neighbors has a very good group of outside shooters. Having said that, the women’s three-point line didn’t move back this year; the men’s line moved back 16.75 inches. So everything else being equal, I would expect women’s numbers to be slightly better than men’s.

I also seriously doubt that the women will continue to shoot 53% from outside.

Isn’t the ball that the women use slightly smaller than the men’s? But I guess the rims are the same.

That said, the women have really nice shooting form. They are fun to watch and they play hard.

The women are good for sure but don’t sleep on the men.
CMN is building a good team. They have improved each year and this recruiting class he just signed will continue to make them better.
CEM has the makings for a red hot recruiting class himself and without having a lot of time to get to know the players. The change in defending the 3 and the blocking out has improved the effectiveness of the defense.
I think we will have too 25 teams in both men’s and women’s next season.

Yes, most people forget that women’s ball is smaller. Try shooting with it. I have. It makes a big difference. You will improve your shooting percentages significantly. It us like kicking field goals with wider posts.

I don’t subscribe to the theory that women shoot better than men.

Women are more fundamentally sound in all facets of the game & more disciplined. They have to be.
Where nowadays men mostly rely on physical athleticism.

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I assume, in general, the women have smaller hands also?