Women beat Tulsa with 17-0 run in fourth quarter, improve to 7-0

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Jimmy seems to have them rolling. Hard to know at this point if that’s because of weak opposition. I guess, as usual, we’ll find out for sure once SEC play starts. We’re 34th on the women’s RPI list at warrennolan.com, which is updated live with incoming scores, with the #145 SOS.

No one commented on yesterday’s announcement that two players had left the women’s team, including one that was a five-star recruit (I’ll skip my usual sermonette on star-gazing at this point). The 5-star was playing 12 minutes a game at point guard and averaging 4.7 points and 0.7 assists. Doesn’t look like we missed her any tonight.

From watching the game last night, Malica Monk was very good at the point and Mason (who is a freshman) also handles the ball well. Will not miss Danberry.

I didn’t know a 2nd player left the team, but obviously they weren’t making the cut like they thought it would be just handed to them.
However the other players seem to be getting the big picture and producing.

Go Lady Razorbacks and keep it up JD.

Tatiyana Smith quit playing basketball for a medical reason. She is still interacting with the team, I assume, but just won’t be playing anymore. She did not quit because of playing time and she is not transferring to another team.

Well thanks for calling me No one since I commented that I had been underwhelmed by JD’s play in the 2015 7A championship game and was not surprised that she was a bust at the U of A. Looks like Ms Monk was the better guard in that class.

I guess I missed that comment or thread or whatever it was. It will be sort of interesting to see if Ms. Danberry gets her act together at her next school, wherever that is. Some people just need a change of scenery. Or maybe she’s just not that good.

Ok thanks for clearing that up Matt.
Really hate to hear that about Tatiyana.