Women beat K-State 81-72

KSU took a brief lead in the third quarter, Hogs pulled away to 11-point lead after 3Q and coasted from there. Now 8-1 on the season.

Dungee had her semi-usual 32 including 5 treys. Alexis Tolefree added 21. Hogs got killed 48-29 on the boards, didn’t matter. Didn’t make a shot from the field in the last 6:16, didn’t matter.

Love to watch them play. They give it their hart snd soul.

Went to the game today… they are a ton of fun to watch. If you haven’t been to see them you’re missing out. KSU had a couple of REALLY tall gals in the middle… did a great job denying the ball and harassing once they caught it but couldn’t really do much once they had it under the basket. Rebounding was a group effort but tough with that much height inside. Went into slow down mode with about 4 minutes left and made some key free throws and played really tough defense. Tolefree made a really long 3 pointer that killed some KSU momentum and we controlled it the rest of the quarter even though, as you said, we couldn’t make one from the field. Was a fun game to be at.

The ladies played really well! They were hitting on all cylinders late in the game.

Army they didn’t make a shot in the last 6:16. Hardly hitting on all cylinders.

They won. I watched the stream.
I was satisfied the way they battled those bigs from K State.
They were hot in that game.