Women beat Auburn by 10

Following up on the UConn win. Amber Ramirez hit 5 treys and finished with 19. Chelsea scored 16 and Slocum scored 14. Jailyn Mason returned to the floor and scored 8. Auburn kept it relatively close by crushing the Hogs on the boards (50-30) but we held them to 34 percent shooting including 2-14 from deep.

Crowd was about half what we got for UConn (2133). They move up to 9th in the SEC standings at 3-5/13-6.

The Lady Razorbacks - which is what I will always call them - were down 24-11, but flipped the switch and were up 33-28 by halftime.

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The big post player that rebounds is all that’s missing from the hogs team. Being able to win when you get whipped on the boards is hard to do.

Charlie Creme has them as a 6 seed today. They just need to win some game and climb up the SEC standings.

Charlie said Friday his next update (which I think is Wednesday) will bump them up to a 5. Not hugely impressive today but avoiding the letdown loss is critical. He has Arkansas in the same regional with the Poultry, which looks kinda ugly after what they did to the Hogs in the Henhouse two weeks ago.

It’s typical for the hogs to get served up too our SEC brethren! Maybe the move to the 5 seed gets them away from the Gamecocks. The close loss to Texas A&M and Georgia hurts when it comes to seeding.

I know that Mike has some good players coming in. Anyway I could find out who they are stats etc. I know we are losing 7 seniors which is a bunch.


Dudley, I asked Siri about the Lady Razorbacks basketball score the other day and got a score from 2018. . I was more than a bit disappointed. . . . . .

I got to know why

For years and years the women’s basketball team was called the Lady’backs. It has become a matter of habit for some of us.

Because that’s what they always were for the first 25-30 or so years of my writing career.

It’s also still Memphis State to me.

Tiger High to me.

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I have a couple of Memphis State friends. I always call them Memphis State in my texts. It drives them crazy…

They don’t have any idea we used to be Arkansas Industrial University. Of course they used to be West Tennessee Normal.

I keep expecting them to remind I was a Boll Weevil…

Now that’s bad… But at least you aren’t a Mulerider.

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Confession is good for the soul. Or so I hear…

It still upsets some of my SW Missouri friends when I call Missouri State “SMS.”

Which started as Fourth District Normal School. And ASWho started as First District Agricultural School (the other district agri schools are now Tech, UAM and SAU).

I knew that it had been Southwest Missouri State Teachers College, but not that.

Under that line of thinking, what do you call Arkansas State’s mascot?