Women beat Alabama 72-61

Malica Monk got 16 to lead the Hogs. Now 15-5/4-2 in SEC, tied for third with Kentucky.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2019 … abama-wbb/

Good game girls. They kept the lead throughout.


The Ladybacks played hard for sure. Bama had the big girl down low and the hogs made it difficult on her. It was fun watching them maintain their lead and they keep pressure on Bama throughout the game. They will surprise some teams in conference play they are getting better!

is this our best women’s team since John White?


Little Johnny White ,no Razorback fan will never forget him .

Coach Neighbors is getting it done coaching, recruiting and strumming the guitar it seems, he has a lot of work to do but he’s made me a believer. WPS

The future is bright with women’s hoops…

I don’t think this team is as good as the one in 2012 that took Texas A&M to the wire in the second round. That team had everything you want - a great point guard, a great shooter and good play in the post. And Tom Collen’s teams always played sound defense.

This team has great guard play, but has not had very good post play most of the season. Taylah Thomas scored 15 last night, but she was averaging just 4.1 going into the game. A lot of the inside points come in transition. The offense is mostly based around the perimeter, putting pressure on the guards to not have any off nights. They didn’t shoot well against Missouri a couple of weeks ago and were never really competitive.

Arkansas is out-rebounded almost every game because it does not have size or depth inside. That’s going to be an issue against at least a few teams left on the schedule.

I think this team is pretty good, but not nearly as good as it will be next year when some post players arrive. Fifteen wins through 20 games makes it look like Arkansas will get into the NCAA Tournament at this point, but there are a lot of tough games left on the schedule.

The arrogant, narcissistic little Johnny that would have
turned Arkansas sports teams into intramural level if
he could have. A truly pathetic individual.

We survived John White (barely) and Jeff Long (nothing against JL, but his hires were horrible).

Razorback Athletics is on its way back!

Long hired Mike Neighbors.

Jeff Long made some bad hires but he also made a few good one! While I’m glad he’s gone I do appreciate him hiring CMA and CMN. At least give the man that much respect. None of us are perfect!

He also hired Bobby Petrino, John L Smith, Bret Bielema, and Jimmy Dykes.

And Chris Bucknam, Mike Anderson, Courtney Deifel and Colby Hale, who all have done well and in some cases elevated their programs.

I know who he hired. I just found it funny that in a thread talking about the success of a team with a relatively new coach, there was a comment about how bad the hires were under the AD who hired the new coach.

Happy to amuse you.

Go LadyBacks & great game again & great to see the players (girls) playing good hard sound fundamental basketball. Entertaining and a joy to watch. Thank you very much Girls and Coach MN.

Geeze, enough about previous AD’s & Coaches that are past history and have Nada to do with the thread.
Or start a new thread on the subject.