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Anybody know how Makala Daniels is doing? Is she practicing full speed?

At the WBB luncheon yesterday, Coach Schaefer (Coach Neighbors was out recruiting and not in attendance) said Daniels was working out and they were hopeful she would play versus Creighton. Saylor Poffenbarger was there; she is a very articulate and well spoken young lady. GHG!

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Is there any chance of Sasha Goforth returning to the team next year? I know she has been dealing with a medical condition for several years and hope that situation can be corrected.

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Me too. She was one of my favorites…energizer bunny.

Are luncheon’s open to the public? Where are they? When is next one?

When Daniels returns it will help cut down the TO’s! She’s a really good one.

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Luncheons are open to the public. Next one is 17 January at 1130am at Mermaid’s in Fayetteville. Buffet is $15 per person plus tax. Contact WBB marketing office for RSVP to luncheons.


Thanks, I hope to attend,

She is on the bench every game. I would say yes, There’s a chance. She’s listed on the website roster too


Does that mean she’s still on scholarship? Maybe there’s a medical exemption where she doesn’t count against numbers but gets to retain her scholarship. Great young woman, taught her a couple of times during my student teaching. It was weird being at eye level with a 7th grade girl though :rofl:

Swinefusion has discussed several times on the boards, not wanting to put words in his mouth, but it sounds doubtful

I didn’t quite say that. Gastroparesis can’t be cured but it can be managed. The question is whether it can be managed well enough to allow her to play, and I don’t know the answer to that. Probably she doesn’t either at this point.

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If she and her doctors definitely decide her career is over, she can keep her scholarship without counting against the limit. Same thing that happened with Khalil Garland when the cardiomyopathy shut him down. Since the women have a 15 scholarship limit (13 for men), Mike can leave the door open for her to return where Muss might not be able to.

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Sorry Swine

No problem. Memories are inexact things, as I’m learning more and more every day

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Sasha Goforth is still on scholarship. I talked to Mike Neighbors about her situation a little this summer and he said the door is not closed on her playing again. It all depends on her health.


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