Women BB vs. UCA

If I am seeing the schedule correctly the game is on SECN at 10:30 AM Friday.

Hmm…my Dish TV schedule is not confirming that. :roll_eyes:

No, it’s streaming on SECN+ at 10:30AM

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It looks like both the men’s and the women’s first 3 games are being streamed only. The men are on both SECN+ and ESPN+, while the women’s are on SECN+ only. At least according to my TV schedules.

well they(bud walton arena or the SEC)needs to upgrade the stream…its cutting out on both my phone and laptop…freezing up…reloading…stopping…think i got to watch 1/2 of the 1st quarter…never had a problem last year or in the last month of watching anything else recently

That’s generally an internet problem.

I had same problem in the first half

It was cutting out to commercials randomly

So I’m pretty sure it was a production problem

Had no problem with ESPN SECN+ on HULA using Xfinity. This was a SECN+ via a local production company. I assume that is the case with any UA campus SECN+ televised sports event. I have been told much of the camera work has moved more sand more to students versus SECN contracted camera independent contractors. On the regular SECN I suspect it is more a mixture understanding much the camera work is performed by independent contractors. I suspect the production varies according to the SECN decided importance of the event.

So far as the game it improved as the game evolved. The RZ rebounding was at deficient in the first quarter improving in second quarter and second half. I was struck by the significant height advantage with exception of Daniels and Spencer the Razorbacks enjoyed, The Razorback definitely are tall this year.

If anyone enjoys a friendship with Matt Zimmerman I would ask they pass along my comment. He needs to reduce his comment by 2/3s. The play call was smothered by incessant comment. It is hard to believe this has been address with him before and I appreciate his knowledge in a much more self edit flow.

As with Muss and the Razorback men, Neighbors has a lot of work to do in putting these talented players together in a coordinated unit if he intends to be competitive in the SEC this year. Too much-disorganized helter kelter play but surprisingly there were relatively few turnovers.

Cutting out to commercials is different than the stream freezing. Commercials is a production issue. Frozen stream may not be. I got on at halftime and had no issues.

Wasn’t a BWA/SEC issue…

I streamed the entire game (perfect HD) without a single hiccup.

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Totally agree about Zimmerman and just wrote about it before I saw this. It’s mind numbing and I would much rather hear Brett. Is Brett just so easy going that he doesn’t make an issue of it?

Both were happening in the first half

I will say this intending only to improve the telecast as well as the podcast he does on the department’s affiliated website, he should be given the alternative of seeking some broadcast training or be allowed to find something else to do. His color delivery is very embarrassing for the University. After reviewing the telecast again I would reduce his chatter to about 20% of what he did today. He does not seem to understand his role as secondary to the actual playcalling. He is obviously well-informed in regard to information but his delivery of the information is painful to the listener.

I don’t know if it was Zimmerman, but announcers for the women and men BOTH added at least 1 inch to the listed height of 6 different players (3 men, 3 women). In many cases I think they are measured with their shoes on so the height is already exaggerated. One guy kept calling Makhel Mitchell a “7-footer”. I know I just need to get overexaggerated height claims, but I can’t and won’t!

I am not sure about the announcer that might have misstated the height although I don’t believe it would have Manny Watkins, a former UA player, and former UA assistant coach’s son. He did the color for the SECN Fordham telecast while Zimmerman did the color for the UCA SECN telecast game (Watson was listed to do both but only did the men’s game). To make it really confusing Zimmerman apparently filled to do the color for the UCA SECN telecast and the Fordham game radio broadcast with Chuck Barret. The common name for both the women’s telecast and the men’s radio broadcast is Zimmerman. Josh Haley did the play call for the Fordham telecast and Bret Dolan did the UCA telecast. To give Zimmerman a little slack, he did the telecast pretty much as you might hear for a local radio call where the announcing can have too home cooking.

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