Women back up to #23 in AP

After two wins in the Bahamas.

Men are 35th in AP voting, just ahead of a future opponent, Indiana, which is also 7-0. Meanwhile Joe Lunardi now has us as a 9 seed, which corresponds to 35th actually. Pomeroy still has us 28th.

The ladies pulled the game out against Wisconsin! They trailed after 3 quarters but the 4th quarter belonged to the hogs! Tolfeee hit 3 of 4 free throws in the end to close it out. The hogs also hit the 3 in the 4 th.

That 9 seed also puts as the 5th highest seed (out of 7) in the SEC. Ahead of “cheaten’” LSU, and MS St. To get in the top 25, we’ve probably got to stay undefeated, then beat an undefeated Indiana on their court.

Do you know if more than one pollster voting us in? Last time we were 32nd, one pollster from Roanoke voted us in at #15 that tallied up 11 votes.

We got 17 points this time so the guy in Virginia would have had to vote us 9th. Turns out he didn’t vote for us at all this time, but he did vote for Stephen F Austin. I haven’t found our voters yet but I know it wasn’t Bob Holt.