Women at Georgia

Jawja led by as many has 7 early, but Hogs have hung around and trail by 4 at halftime, 31-27. Chrissy Carr has three treys and leads us with 13 points.

We only shot 33% in the half but are 6-6 at the line.

Georgia up 48-40 after three, after we had drawn within 1 early in the quarter. Carr has five treys; the rest of the team has zero. Sam Spencer has not scored.

Carr limped off late in the third quarter with a leg injury and Hogs pretty much fell apart, Dawgs by 20 and counting.

The hogs have missed everything but the back board! To slow to the ball and just sit beat. Coach waited too long to get a T. That should have happened early! They don’t look like a NCAA tournament team!

Gary Blair used to watch our practices almost everyday.
He studied Coach Richardson, how he practiced, and the intensity that he demanded from the players.
Worked out pretty well for him…he won a natty (he never should have been forced out here).
Maybe Neighbors should spend a little more time watching some of Muss’ practices.
Might learn something.

Neighbors already learned more than he can apparently organize into a coherent plan for his program. Today’s embarrassment is a pretty resounding message for our athletic director.

The sad thing is he is a fantastic recruiter and a genuinely nice, interesting guy.

Could be that as well as a good but not great coach and avoid this season’s tailspin. This team could be less than capable of playing a Carolina every week but not the others in the conference. He is losing to teams he has the talent to beat and being blown out in games that should be no more than nail-biter. As with a number of good coaches that seemed to have the where-we-all necessary for a university program such as Arkansas, given the chance, he does not appear capable of making the grade.

Aside, from Saylor and Rylee, this team just isn’t tough. Sasha was tough too, and we really miss her.

I do agree but he had time to find another defensive force with height, toughness, and quickness. Raylee is tough and fights but she does not have height. Daniels, on occasions, will go inside but again no height. Sasha, again a guard, would fight and continue to fight, but the high intensity in effort is not some thing her system can tolerate. I don’t mean to be down on players. Each one brings their game that is what it is. The Coach, as you well know, is the one that makes choices in putting the team together. I know from observation of games with highly skilled players he has recruited that Neighbor has ability but he seems lacking in that essential key of most great coaches. Taking what is on the table and blending those individuals into a combination that evolves into a winning team.

I totally get your frustration. I added Rylee to my previous post. She is definitely tough, but, as you said, she is a small guard…and not supremely talented.

Erynn is having a great year numbers wise, but I wouldn’t call her tough. She still pouts too much.

Can Mike instill toughness in Jersey and Maryam? Dunno, but it would help a ton if he could. They are exceptionally gifted.

Can Mike find some toughness within himself? He better, because this conference is full of tough big girls that will knock your head off.
Finesse basketball will not work in the SEC.

I have a vague memory from that time period. I guess I’m being old today… it happens more than it use to… anyways…

I have a vague memory of having a split AD type thing with a woman overseeing all the woman’s sports and her wanting a woman for a basketball coach and basically forcing Blair away to bring in Susie Gardner.

AM I remembering that right?

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Sadly, yes. It was a disaster, and now Gary Blair has his name on A&M’s floor.
He never wanted to leave here.
What could have been…

Almost. I don’t think Bev Rouse had any big desire to run Gary off, but John White (the chancellor) did.

I knew two people that taught at the U of A during John Whites time there and they raved about how great he was for the U of A. I never really saw that aspect of it. I think there was some Big Big money deal he ‘took’ credit for (again a vague memory). Still as far as athletics went, he seemed determined to destroy it and he did a pretty good job of that.

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I think White was great for UA academically. But he wanted to meddle in the athletic program way too much.

And that’s why he was relieved of his duties as chancellor! He couldn’t keep his hands off of athletics where it didn’t belong! He thought a woman should coach women’s basketball and hired Susie Gardner who was a total disaster! I Geno has done quite well with women’s basketball at UCON!

Bev Lewis

That is her married name. When I met her as women’s track coach, she was still Bev Rouse.

But yes, at the time of Gary’s departure, she was Lewis.

You wish. White remained chancellor for 5 years after Blair left and a year after he gave HDN the golden parachute. And he wasn’t relieved of duties; he stepped down as chancellor and taught engineering for another year before he retired at age 69.

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