Women at Auburn

I don’t know what you mean. If the rebound falls under the net, that’s where you go.

Review going on, Saylor seems to have fouled out but we’ll see what the review shows.

could be flagrant since it is jersey pull with clock stopped. Mike lags every other game that I have seen for calling plays to get a score today.

Just another massive meltdown


The point being if I stand under the net and do not box out the only ball I get is the one going through the net.

If they’re shooting a layup, then that’s probably where you’re going to be.

Wow. They brick both shots on the flagrant 1. Still up 1 and Auburn burns its final TO.

He calls plays that draw fouls but we let them off the hook by missing free throws.

And Auburn gets a 5-second call. We get the ball back with the lead.

And a five second inbound violation

Just incredibly bad basketball by both teams

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Finally we hit two critical FTs. Up 3 with 4.8 left

Ugly, but a win.

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Neighbors appears to be be a very congenial and likable guy. He doesn’t appear to be much of a coach though. He was as lucky as an Irishman this game.


He has one more Final Four appearance than Muss. Just saying.

That was a hard game to watch.

Yes real ugly. I can’t believe the girl from Aurbun missed 2 free throws and then they got a 5 second TO inbounding the ball.
Fouls and missed free throws. Our hogs just can’t make anything easy.

Agreed. So was yesterday. And we won both.

Mike is not in the same zip code as Muss when it comes to coaching. I like Mike but he needs to start winning more and making deeper tournament runs if he wants to coach in the SEC. Just sayin….

That game reminded me of the mens game yesterday. Both blew big leads and won nailbiters. I thought we’d lost both, but the ladies had a really strange recovery

As I understand it, Mike recruited one incredible player, who is the all-time leading scorer in NCAA women’s history and #2 in college basketball history, men or women; built a team around her and got to the Final Four.

He’s recruiting very well, with several five-stars, but it hasn’t paid off on the court. Yet. And it may not. But he’s coached in April. Muss hasn’t.

The similarities between yesterday and today are striking. We controlled the first half, got sloppy in the second half, gave away a lead and managed to win om the road. If you’re gonna credit Muss for yesterday, you have to credit Mike for today.

This game is what would happen if a game involving elementary school students was closely called. It is hard to rank your “most forgettable game” but if they could be “un-forgotten”, this one would be number one.

Horrible game. His team played off-center the entire second half and mostly, in the ditch for the fourth quarter. It is impossible for Neighbors to put a positive spin on this one but he will.

bad basketball complimented by bad officiating, not biased just flat out bad. Those 3 should never be on the court together the rest of this year.