Women at Auburn

Took a 16-5 lead after one quarter with Saylor scoring 7 to lead us.

We’re still up 20-9. two minutes into the second quarter. Sam Spencer just went down awkwardly and they looked at her knee but she walked off unsupported. Hope it’s not serious.


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Spencer is tough she has been banged up all season long. She hits the floor a lot.

Sam’s back in and just hit a long 2.

Just had a Poffenbarger to Wolfenbarger assist. Took longer to say it than it did to happen.

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Jersey actually got an offensive rebound to close the first half, got fouled and hit both FTs. Halftime lead is 32-19

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I don’t know what was the bigger surprise, getting an offensive board or making two from the line.

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Those barger’s are tough.

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Hogs shot 17 FTs in the first half, which is a little surprising for an SEC road game. I will not be surprised to see that turn around in the second half.

Hogs up 42-34 after three.

Poff still leads us with 9. Poff, Carr and Barnum all have 3 fouls. We’re ourboarding them 32-28 so far.

But after the Ole Miss game, no lead is safe.

Took us six minutes to make a shot in the fourth quarter. Up 46-44.

Both teams are building brick houses at the foul line. We’re up 4 with 2:15 left

Why do we try to directly under the net? Lack of fundamentals.?

Try to what?

Can’t make a free throw

Tied with 47.9 left. Auburn has never led. And we just got the benefit of a traveling call that could easily have been a foul on us.

Daniels fouled with 7.2 left. Let’s see if we can actually make foul shots.

Made one. Auburn timeout.

Neither team can. We’ve missed 16, they’ve missed 11.

Why do we try rebound under the net?