Women and men bb tonight

I fully intend to watch the men on ESPNEWS tonight at 8, but according to a schedule published the women are playing SMU tonight at 7 on the SEC Network. My Dish guide shows “SEC in 60” on at 7, NOT the women razorbacks vs, SMU. Is there really TV coverage somewhere for the women tonight?

Streaming time for the ladies. SECN+


I’d like to stream the women’s game, then “chase” the recording of the men’s game.

What are the odds the “helpful” idiots calling the ladies will update the men’s score during their broadcast? :roll_eyes:

I’ll probably watch the men and follow live stats on the women, which is how I’ve resolved similar conflicts in the past.

Makes sense … long as one doesn’t mind parallel processing.

I usually just watch the first game muted. I’ve discovered I rarely miss anything of great importance coming from the announcers.

In fact, sometimes I mute the second game, as well! :laughing:

I was doing hockey on television yesterday and watching on my big computer screen the soccer, will do the same tonight men on television and women on computer. I just have to sit and split the vision equally. I am not very distractable and have to do multi tasking in the OR often and pay attention to the info I get, so it seems relatively easy for me to do. Gotta watch both even if I can watch replays of SEC+ at a later time. It is definitely in my best interest to stay out of game discussions that happen on this board, so I just watch and come back to follow the thought processes expressed in game action on the board.

LOL. :laughing:

I quit opening those threads (both real time and afterwards) a long time ago.

You can’t get that time back.

ESPN app on Apple TV allows multicast of up to four events on one screen

I am watching the stream on ESPN watch and have no audio. Same for y’all?

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