Women a #5 seed

Charlie Creme has the lady’s team listed as a 5 seed in the College Park,Maryland region in the women’s early bracket…wih Maryland being the 4 seed…

It’s still a little early. We still haven’t seen the ladies play at full strength!
When Mason, Obergh and Heck I can’t remember the other girls name! When they hit the floor we will see what the hogs are capable of. I think they can make a run.

Would be nice to be at full strength

kiara williams…and thats the beauty…we’re not at full strength…i too am ready for all 3 to be healthy.

It may be a blessing for those 3 players to be sidelined for these first games of the season. I look at the experience Thomas has gained and the confidence along with the freshmen that have played. The hogs have real depth inside and out. We don’t have UConn or Baylor depth yet!
They should be really good at full strength.

Women play Northwestern State this afternoon

Well Swine maybe Mason get some PT along with Williams. Obergh traveled to the Bahamas with the team maybe she suits up and plays in the next week too!

I looked in the game notes for today’s game (found on the UA women’s hoop website) to see if there’s anything about the injured players. Nada, but then the notes weren’t for today’s game; they’re for the Tulsa game the other night. So who knows?

Coach Neighbors has a press conference after the trip to the Bahamas and that when he was asked about the 3 injured players and talked about them!