Woman's Basketball

Since the hiring of Mike Neighbors, I have been keeping an eye on the team to see how it progresses, play-wise, and recruiting. All seems to be going well. I watched them last night vs MS. The score was not the indication of how well they played. The first quarter they were very impressive, finished the half down by ten against an outstanding team. AR drove to the basket many times and did not finish. If they were a little more focused, that in itself could have amounted to nearly 20 points. If they had guarded better defensively, that may have had some effect. Overall they have the players to do well now and better in the future.

Agree. The future is bright for the women.

One of the problems this year is how thin the team is on the bench. That should be corrected next year.

Great post. I tuned in to watch the first half and was really impressed.

Mike has those girls believing in themselves and that is amazing after last year.

Help is on the way. I think we are going to have a very good ladies program.