Woke up to 3 inches of snow

In Eastern Missouri. How’s it looking in NWA?

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This is my backyard, just a trace. But it is cold.


That’s pretty much how my yard looks. The puppy was unsure.


Well it is enough to put some goose bumps on the the Tigers! I hope it stays cold and the wind blows like crazy.

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Aloha from frigid Fayetteville,
My wife and I are in town this weekend and next to visit our senior daughter. Yesterday was a treat…attended the basketball win and enjoyed the snow around 11 last night. My wife’s first experience with snow! Last time I saw snow was Lake Tahoe, New Year’s Eve 32 years ago. As for today, the football field looks frozen.
Brings back memories as a student 40+ years ago playing tackle football in the snow at Razorback stadium. Security wasn’t an issue back then!
UA….Campus of Champions


Reminds me of the days of long ago when we got ten cents (to be divided among all of us) per car for helping push cars up the hill by Razorback Stadium on the way to Leverett (grade) School when it had snowed. Now here in Baton Rouge I am hoping for a couple of more weeks before the first killing freeze to prolong my picking of my Fall tomato crop. So far this year they have averaged over 1/2 pound each, and they are delicious! Enjoy the snowfall, but just keep it up there while pulling our beloved Hogs to victory.


When do you fly back, Guy? Check your message also, please.

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