Woke up ready, excited, and a little nervous

And here we go! Woke up today and instantly can’t wait for 9p to roll around. While I am a little nervous, mostly I am excited and ready. I think our boys are going to give Baylor all they can handle. They seem ready and excited as well. It’s just so exciting to be in this game and have a chance at the Final Four. Let’s get this game on.

On a side note… I want us to play defense in the first half like we have played defense in the second half of our previous games. It seems we’ve started slower in the last few games and have had to ratchet it up. It’s gonna take a full-game intense defensive effort to beat this Baylor team. Let’s go 40min on these Bears…

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I wasn’t nervous this morning. Saturday, I was nervous. We were playing the 15 seed which had nothing to lose. Tonight, we’re the team that’s not expected to win so we can let it rip.


My nerves are SHOT!!!

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I look at this one as a Free Shot. Just go out and ball the very best and hardest you can and see where you are after 40 min. Don’t worry about it (let them worry). Just enjoy the game and you might be surprised when it is over. I don’t think the players would be surprised with a win. They expect to win which is it should and must be, but most everybody else will be surprised.


We have not really played that well offensively in quite a few games. We are due to have on of those 10 out of 17 3 point shooting type of nights. If we do, then we can play with and beat Baylor. If we go 1 for 8 then they will win by 15 or more. Both defenses are stout and it may come down to who is hot from 3 point land and who is the better FT shooting team.

Anything can happen once you get past the Sweet 16. Baylor should have more pressure on them to win than we do. Even more pressure if we can get and sustain an early lead.

Love to see Sills hit about 4 or 5 threes tonight.


Yes. Agree with you all. Can’t wait for tinight.
Mostly, I am ready and I am excited. This Hog team is fun to watch…

Just want us to have intensity on the defensive end the whole game instead of just the second half… LET’S GO!

Yep. To use the gambling metaphor, playing with house money. Baylor has been expected to be here all season. We haven’t.

I just don’t want a heartbreaker, which will keep me from being able to go to sleep after. Don’t want one of those “what if” games. I will take no solace in losing at the last second. If we lose make it mercifully obvious

I’m feeling loose as Goose Ausby.Dribbling the ball between my legs on low pile commercial grade carpet and whistling Sweet Georgia Brown. Where da bear? Where da bear ? Back in da hotel room, quaking and peeing in they undewear.


The hogs just need to let it fly and play loose! The pressure should be on Baylor. No matters what happens I’m amazed at how our hogs have played this season. The players should be proud of what they’ve accomplished to this point. The future is bright for hogs basketball!
I’m hoping to a win!

I’m actually really calm. The pressure is all on Baylor. They’re expected to be here and further. Arkansas at one point in the season thought we’d be lucky to even get in. I want to win very badly, but I also just want our boys to play ball and enjoy the moment. They’ve already done more than I thought they would and just play ball and let the chips fall where they may.

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