Wofford beats UNC in Chapel Hill

68-64. Tar Heels decided to play a home game in old Carmichael Auditorium which would be like us playing in Barnhill, but the Terriers didn’t cooperate. Wofford has won in Chapel Hill twice in the last 3 years. Meanwhile Clemson is 0-59 all time at UNC.

Carolina’s record for the season is now 6-4 and they’re not even in ACC play yet. At this rate they going to have a hard time making the tournament much less being a two or three seed. And to make it worse NC’s best player, five star freshman Cole Anthony, hurt his knee today.

If they are above 500 they will get in!

And get a 6 Seed…

UNC is #78 in RPI tonight. 78. I don’t think they’ve been that low since RPI was invented.

First NET ratings come out tomorrow. It will be really interesting to see how much they get dinged there. Wofford may well be a Quadrant 3 loss. UNC doesn’t lose Quadrant 3 games (Duke to SF Austin may be even worse, a Quadrant 4)

They were #34 on Pomeroy this morning. After losing at home to #125 Wofford, they may not be in the top 50 tomorrow. And if Cole Anthony doesn’t come back soon… Next two games are at Gonzaga and vs UCLA in Vegas. Maybe 6-6 at Christmas?

Ohio St in the process of falling from the undefeated list. :sunglasses:

61-47 Gophers inside of 8m.

Ohio State is just overrated!

Auburn would have a loss but the refs saved them literally!

The teams without a loss will fall it’s just a matter of time!

Where would you rank them?

Ohio State is #1 in NET today in spite of losing to the Gophers. Obviously they disagree with you.

Meanwhile UNC only dropped to #36 in Pomeroy, but they got hammered in NET: 95th. Right below Muss’ old team at Nevada.

Cole Anthony got his knee scoped, torn meniscus. Out 4-6 weeks. That might give Clemson a chance for that first win in Chapel Hill… or not. The Heels are going with a former walk-on at PG in his absence.

Out for 4-6 weeks

Might have to make the trip to Chapel Hill to have the chance to witness history.

If you want to make the trip to Chapel Hill to have the chance to witness history, tickets may be available. We live in Chapel Hill, have season tickets, and my wife is always scared to go to the Clemson game because if UNC loses she will feel personally responsible. She is really worried this year and is already talking about selling our tickets to keep the pressure off.

By the way, Cole Anthony’s injury did not occur the day of the Wofford game. They don’t know when it occurred, but that was the first game he missed. He had surgery and will be back in 4-6 weeks.