Woah, Ejiofor and Wright

…are 2 big, big dudes from looking at their photos. Pairing those two with Jaylin Williams would be something else. Man, what a trio of top-notch, game-changing bigs those three would be together at Arkansas.

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I wonder where Arkansas stands with Kel’el Ware now? With all these out-of-state bigs the coaching staff is bringing in for OVs, is Ware no longer an Arkansas priority?

Ware is definitely still a priority.


Cool. Love his game.

Amazingly, it likely will come down to either Arkansas or Texas for both Ejiofor and Wright.

Since they both are PFs they probably will not want to go to the same college team, unless they are good friends. If you are correct, I would say the Hogs and the whorns are each in good shape. I would be extremely happy with either. One is almost certainly a one and done, and the other might be, but there’s a good possibility he would be here at least 2 years. That’s a wash to me.

I want the first one that wants to commit to us. Then, if the other hasn’t committed to (TX or anyone else), then stay on him. I’d love to “have my cake and eat it too”, especially if it kept him from Texas! Muss system would be more likely to have both on the floor at the same time than the new TX coach.

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