WNIT vs. Prairie Chickens

Or, do we get to end both of their basketball seasons?

Kansaw jumped out to early 5-0 lead, Currently 9-2, with Chrissy Carr having our only basket.

Bus Lag…

So far the Chiekens are getting the ball unside whenever they want. Mike finally called time at 15-2. Hoping he’ll make some defensive changes.

Right now, they are cold as ice and can’t stop Kansas from scoring.

Mak has scored 6 quick points but the KU big is still scoring at will.

20-12 after the first quarter

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Girls are gonna have to get after it on defense. They are doing too much chasing around.

Gonna have to make some shots too. Down 17 now. Haven’t scored in the second quarter.

38-19 at half. Mak has 10 and Erynn has 5. The rest might as well have stayed on the bus at this point. 24% shooting and 8 turnovers… yeah you’re not going to win like that.

vaguely resembles us against So Carolina, Bigs bug us and have always under Mike.

Long bus ride yesterday afternoon. Legs needed more rest.

Cut it down to 10-point lead entering the fourth quarter, 60-50. Mak and Erynn still carrying the load but Jersey getting involved too. Saylor got in foul trouble early and hasn’t scored.

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