wn or lose

i think this year is one of DVH’s best coaching jobs.

We are one game away from Omaha after replacing 6 starters in the field, and having 2 freshman starting pitchers. The only pitchers we could really rely on all year are Campbell and Cronin.
Every one else has had spectacular moments yet have also struggled at times. We have also had nagging injuries he has worked around. Amazing we tied for first in SEC west with all the juggling he has had to do.

On offense it seems like there have been very few times we were hitting on all cylinders at the plate. Casey and Heston have slumped at times. Same with Nesbit and Franklin. Kenley and Ezell have been fairly consistent. Opitz has had some key hits while being solid behind the plate. Goodheart has been spectacular after starting the season slowly. The offense has been good without much of a bench. Only 3 subs, no really he can really count on as pinch hitters in McFarland, Plunket, and Washington. Washington has been good pinch running and hit ok when he was given the opportunity. Its been mostly starters.

Defense has been ok, Martin has had his share of errors, outfield has been solid all year. Nesbit has been good at third and Kenley at second. Having a 5’8" first baseman is not the norm, but it has worked.

Just a remarkable year putting this puzzle together, cudo’s to DVH for a job well done. Can he get us through this game today, who knows, but i tip my hat to our coach, win or lose, we have exceeded expectations this year. Job well done…

He is just the best. Going to need some more players and pitching next year to get where he wants, but really, there is nothing new about that.

Amazing what he has done with only one real starter, and decent, but not great relief.

I believe he wins today because we’re home and he is the better coach. Regardless of the outcome, next year should be the best team he’s ever fielded and will be fun to watch.

Dave Van Horn ranks up there with the best coaches we’re had on the hill. It’s hard to rank him ahead of those that have won NC but he’s right there. I’m confident he’ll get us a NC before he retires. Gotta love Dave.