WMS sold out yet?


There are about 2,000 tickets unsold through the UA/WMS. I’m unsure if that figure yet includes any turnbacks from Ole Miss.


There are no games in Fayetteville or Little Rock that are sold out to this point.

Should be of no surprise for a program that has won 5 of its last 20 games

We were going…they are calling for rain now so we are staying in Fayetteville. Really sucks because I was looking forward to a great weekend of football with the family.

I concede that RRS is the future but I have so many fond memories of WMS -

First Razorback game I ever saw - 1964 WMS

For old times sake I hope the old girl is full - loud- and fun for every Razorback Olsyer and Fan

Just for old times sake before she goes away

KATV weather out of LR says only 30% chance of rain during game. Rain is supposed to move in late, well after game is over. I still plan on taking rain gear
though to be on safe side.

Wally says all the tickets cost $40-50, and that Jeff had them at $110 for the last SEC game at WMS. I guess he doesn’t know that a donation was still tied to the sideline seats. I believe mine required a $75/ticket donation. I realize this is a rhetorical question, but is he that out of touch, or just ignorant of the facts?

Saw my first game in WMS at the age of nine when they played North Texas State in 1972. I walked into stadium and seriously couldn’t have been any happier. It’s moment I’ll never forget. Back then you had one game on a week and I never thought I would be able to see the Hogs in person.

I wouldn’t say it’s of no surprise.

WM seats less than 55,000 people, is an SEC game, at night, in LR and half the state gets to travel half as far. Regardless of our record, there’s nothing to compete with the Saturday night even in LR, the weather will be perfect, and there’s little if any reason, for it to not be sold out. I think there are 55,000 fans in Arkansas that don’t care about our record, but do care about every other reason I gave.

I expect it to be sold out.

About 52 hours to kickoff and it’s still not sold out. Largest cluster I see is about 80 seats in Section 9, plus about 70 in Section 2, and who knows what the Rebnecks didn’t sell (or our students didn’t take in their corner). I don’t think they’re going to make it.

If LR wants to keep a game there, their powers that be need show they can sell out the smallest stadium in the SEC the only game they have to show the love.

They need buy seats and give them to high school kids or something to fill it.

The contract for the Mizzou games only requires 47,000 tickets sold, although it needs to sell out.

Those were special times and I’ve seen Razorback games 4x more often at WMS over RRS but that was before I left the state for the Army

I hope that no matter where Arkansas plays the magic of the old WMS can be made where it’s fun and the Razorbacks have what Lou holtz called at 10 point advantage because WMS crowds were so loud

I’m reakky hopeful - I’m goong to drive 2 HRs back from my farm in south central KY back to Louisville so I can watch Arkansas beat Ole Miss

Thank God for Mississippi because after watching this team play Bama without quiting I’m very encouraged they have found thier blue collar roots