With the losses tonight by A&M and Bama

We would have the 9 seed in the SECT if we win out, since we would tie and have the tiebreaker over Bama, and A&M would be at least one game behind. Win one of the two and we’re the 10 seed with tiebreaker over the Aggies due to beating LSU. Either one means we don’t play next Wednesday. No telling who we would play as either the 9 or the 10; could be Florida or one of the Mississippi schools.

We are capable of winning out, it all comes down to bringing our A game, anything less wont work. We have had two good games in a row and have to have a little confidence moving ahead,but I never know what to expect from this team. WPS

It would be great to make a little run here at the end. We need to show up tonight, Vandy will be playing all in with the season they’ve had.

The hogs have had planet of help all year. Maybe they can lock up the the 9 seed by winning out. I’d rather see them in the 8/9 game in the SEC tournament with LSU out front than the 7/10 game looking at Tenn:

Maybe in the near future they can learn to win and make things easier on themselves.

Spot on!