With or without Jaylin, we are 2 deep at center now ----------------

-------------------- 2 deep at power forward now, plus loaded with long, athletic, small forwards and big guards. We may be short on deadly three point shooters and might could use a quick ball handling point guard who is deadly at the free throw line but that is about it and Muss has proven he can make any combination work and he now has a lot to work with. These are some great times to be a Razorback fan. Go Hogs.

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With J Will we are a legit Final 4 contender.

Without him we are not.

I think it’s a little early to make that call. Certainly we’re better with him, but I believe we may have the pieces (and the coaching) to be a Final Four contender regardless.

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We are definitely way less proven without him.

True first sentence. Then again, we are too early to be making the majority of statements posted over the past week.

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