With one day to go

The US has 108 total medals in Tokyo, which is easily the best, but is slightly behind China in gold medals, 38-36.

But there are still gold medal chances for both countries on Sunday.

The US is in the women’s basketball and women’s volleyball finals.

The US is in two boxing finals, China in 1.

Both nations have entries in cycling, which has four finals on Sunday; I have no idea if anyone from either country has a chance to actually win. Ditto rhythmic gymnastics.

And I would be completely shocked if we won the men’s marathon. It was a big enough shock that Molly Seidel got bronze in the women’s marathon.

In Rio, by the way, the US won 46 gold and 121 total medals. Catching that is unlikely.

Meanwhile, India, with 1.36 billion residents, won its second Olympic gold medal EVER on Friday, as Deepak Chopra took the men’s javelin.

That is an astounding statement. The Olympics obviously doesn’t give a gold medal for technical support because India would obviously sweep in that category. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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The other Indian individual gold was in air rifle shooting in Beijing in 2008; nothing before that in individual events. They have won gold medals in field hockey, which is a team sport, but only those two individual golds. The most popular sports in India are cricket, which has only been included in the Olympics once, and kabaddi, which is sort of a team version of tag.

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