With limited attendance,

TV ratings should be boosted.

Does that mean TV advertising rates will increase? If so, will the increased revenue filter down to the schools?

How does that work?

I suspect the TV revenue will fall because there won’t be as many games to broadcast. Lower attendance probably won’t boost ratings very much, but I expect ratings to go up because people will be starved for sports.

About the best we can hope for this year is that revenues won’t fall too far. This season is about cutting financial losses.

They’ll be plenty of games to televise. Now every team won’t have to have a game on the SEC Alt channel, the off weeks are spread out, so we’ll have games every week, and there will only be conference games, no BAMA vs FAMU games that don’t draw the average fan to watch on TV.

Didn’t say there wouldn’t be games every weekend (assuming no further cancellations), but there won’t be as many. Two less per weekend. However, you’re correct that most of the lost games will be unattractive ones. The attractive non-conf games will be replaced by attractive conf games. If so, perhaps the TV revenue will be close enough to normal.