With Davis commitment does that take

Someone out of the picture? Thompson or Moody maybe?

Unless they are crazy they take Thompson and Moody no matter what.

Yeah, they could take 3 more commits and still take Thompson and Moody. That door will always be open. Well, unless those other 3 were all top 20, 5-star commits.

I meant does that make someone not want to come now because he plays their position?

Anybody heard anything lately about McBride?

Mmmmmm…maybe not

I’ve heard they will take 3-4 regardless of position, then start worrying about making sure the 5-6 they bring in create a balanced roster. They want talent, first and foremost.

This sure “feels” like the first domino, doesn’t it?

It could affect KK Robinson and Issac McBride.

I think you take all the in–state kids and figure out the numbers later. Roster turnover is almost a given in today’s world.

You’re saying it could adversely affect KK and McBride? That’s disappointing. I didn’t think either of those two would worry about competing for playing time at PG or SG.

People often say these kids are not afraid to compete for PT. But if you look around, unless you are a Top 10-15 player, the decisions are made based on PT. For example, McBride probably didn’t want to come here because Anderson had pegged Justice Hill as his future PG. No one wants to ride the pine if you think you should be immediate starter.

More than likely the main reason is Mike continuing to call Isaac the wrong name at the dinner table and having to be corrected a number of times. One of the many reasons I’m sure.

Everyone needs to realize we’ll end up with more than 4 roster additions to next years team. I’ll actually set the over/under at 6. One is pretty obvious to me that they won’t be back next year.

I think that Coach Muss will take all the talent he can get. You never really know about young men because most of them really don’t know what their goals are ( expect they all want to go to the NBA ). If you have enough talent, you will win a lot of games. The current NBA trend is small ball and I think that Coach Muss will take that approach and adapt it to our skill set and the SEC. I expect that he will adapt his game plan as the season progresses. He also is smart enough that he knows that home state kids are special. I hope he signs them all.

It has always been my opinion that a long PG like Davis (6’-4") would be the perfect compliment to McBride (6’-1"), because Issac is more of shooter than a distributor. On defense then, McBride guards the smaller of the opponents guards and Davis defends the 2.

Robinson and McBride are more similar. KK is probably the better defender, and Mackey is the better shooter and scorer.

I would love for the Hogs to get all 3! But of course, we sorely need a couple of skilled Bigs.