With Davenport coming I would assume Walsh is gone

I really hope he doesn’t go in the draft. I just don’t see him being ready for the NBA.

I hope even more he doesn’t transfer. I thought he was a great fit for our team and it seemed like his parents really loved it here.

I guess it could be a case that Devo isn’t coming back.

What I will say is that I see now way Ford, Dunning or Pinion will play anymore than they did this season. These guards that have been brought in are studs.

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Saw someone post on another board, that this would be Devo’s slot. Walsh is still up in the air

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Be careful of the internets.


Arkansas has 11 scholarships “spoken for” in 2023-2024:

Ford, Pinion, Dunning, Blocker, Fall, Brazile, Graham, Mark, Battle, Menefield, Davenport

Which means Muss is still actively recruiting to fill the final 2 spots from the 1000+ still available in the portal plus Devo, Walsh and Makhi …

… I don’t think Muss is waiting for Devo, Walsh and Makhi to make their individual decisions and expect him to bring in 1-2 more from the portal … the real question is, who among the “spoken for” group loses their spot if one or more of the Devo/Walsh/Makhi trio decides to return for another year


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That’s what I’m wondering too

As we crunch the numbers, let’s not lose sight of the fact that Mark has declared for NBA draft, just like Devo has. Mark certainly has a better shot at it, if our evaluation of him is as good as we think.

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If the 2023-24 roster will indeed have the 11 players that you list as “spoken for”, then I think you can safely assume Devo and/or Walsh are gone.

Of that list, Fall, Graham, and Brazile are the only ones that I’d consider “bigs”. So, either Makhi stays and you have room for another “non-big” (maybe), or you add 2 more bigs to the roster.

Need to get some real size! A true beast that will own the paint on both ends.

Walsh played a lot of 4 last season, especially after Brazile went down. Also, when we went smaller, which was pretty frequently against smaller teams. I’m sure Jordan would prefer the 3, which will be his spot in the NBA. But, I’m sure he would play some back up minutes for Brazile and when Muss wants a smaller, more athletic team on the floor. He’d still get some minutes at the 3.

I’m still hoping that BJ Mack holds off committing until the end of April, when he has an official visit scheduled. He’s 6’8", 245 and the definition of a beast, who is also a good 3 point shooter.

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Regardless of calling him a 3 or a 4 within a certain lineup, Walsh isn’t a “big”.

We don’t win at Rupp nor at home against A&M without the Mitchell twins. Walsh nor Graham would fare well against Tshiebwe in the post, and Fall might not either.

Makhel and Kamani are gone. That was half of your “bigs” rotation this past season. If Makhi doesn’t return, we had better land at least 2 bigs with the remaining roster spots.


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