"...with Austin or whoever it ends up."

Interesting quote by Bielema in the last line of Tom Murphy’s article today. I’m sure it was referencing the fact that AA could get injured and someone else could be forced into action.

However, it also could be construed to imply that AA’s starting spot is in question.

Third option is that, while AA is in good standing now, CBB acknowledges that he would get the hook should performance suffer.

That is why they have fall practice.

He is our QB. His performance will not suffer. Go Hogs!!

I believe Coach B is simply trying to stir up some competition at all positions for fall practice.

A A is the man and the competition (within and opponents) will only make him better.

Allen looked to be the best QB in the spring game…The only measuring stick I have. The others were not real close, it appeared. However, we don’t know how he will play once the season starts. One of the other guys may be a gamer or a pressure player. The fact is nobody knows what kind of play we will get at this position…This is a big reason we were picked 5th or 6th by a lot of the people and media.

If we do get good play at this position, I see us winning 7-8 games…

It is hard to predict…whoever thought Brandon Allen would play the great football he did last year? Maybe, his daddy, Bobby did, but not many others. He blossomed like a rose on steroids.

Austin Allen is not only the starting quarterback, but he’s the leader of the offense. He’s stepped up in every way since being named the starter. He led the summer workouts. He’s coached the new running backs (Whaley and Hammonds) and wide receivers. He’s everything you want. Bielema was talking about whoever becomes the backup and if he’s needed. It will be Austin Allen. Bielema also praised Austin and said he’s excited about what he did this summer. I do not think you will see anyone but Austin unless he can’t make it onto the field.