With apologies to I. Joe

We did not steal that game. We somehow kept them and their zebra striped buddies from stealing it from us. I sure hope that behind the scenes the SEC office and commissioner Skanky are getting an ear full from our AD.

I sure hope our A D is on the phone talking to them

I think he was just repeating his coach’s mantra.

For as long as I can remember, CMA has said you have to protect the home court … and try to steal an occasional road win.

Simply ironic we did just that … on a night when calls (non-calls) about “stole” the game from the hogs.

SEC Office. (205) 458-3000
Give them a Cal and complain I did. I am also writing a letter. That’s the only real thing any of us can do.

Why not G.I. Joe? Short for Guard Isaiah Joe…dude needs a nickname.

Yeah that could work I suppose. I tried Nylon Eyed Joe earlier, but it didn’t seem to stick.