With almost a week to prepare and all of the UConn favoring ----------------

------------------- going on in the media, this game is setting up very nicely for Muss to add to his coaching legend. UConn resembles Kentucky with the dominating power forward inside and great three point shooters outside. We have played well against Kentucky and we can also do so against UConn.

I suspect one of the coaching cards that Muss will play will be to dial down the pressure on Smith to come back and be great. If he will just continue to play great defense and just hit a few outside shots, that could be the difference. Smith just does not seem comfortable “driving to the hole banging with the bigs getting fouled for free throws” part of the game right now. We got those kind of guys in Council, Devo, and Black. We need some outside threats to open up the defense and maybe Smith can just provide that and some ball handling.


I think that Smith is a fantastic offensive threat but he is trying too hard to prove it when all he has to do is be himself and not try to do too much offensively. As to your comments of continuing to play great defense I’ll have to disagree. He is constantly caught watching the ball too much and losing track of his man (as the example of Melendez getting 8 straight points off of Smith when he lost track of him). He can still help us but he has to figure out that he is not the only main man to carry us to the title. This is the reason that we are playing better without him, thus far.

I saw an interview with Muss yesterday, and he made a point of noting that Nick played good defense down the stretch against Kansas. If he hadn’t done that Muss would have yanked him and put in someone else to play D.

He did yank him! He put him back in when Devo fouled out. I’m all for Nick Smith and know that if he can relax on offense he could be the difference between us winning and losing in Vegas. I just mentioned the problem he had on defense in the Illinois game. And yes he did help us on defense at the end of the Kansas game.

Which was with 1:56 left, and he played good D after that.

I do not recall a “bad” shot from Nick versus Kansas, just misses. Gotta give Kansas some credit, along with some knee pain. I bet Nick has a much better game versus UConn; and it’s my view that’s what the Hogs will need for a W.

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Swine, let’s just say that Nick is a great kid and a terrific player and I hope that he has a great tournament in Vegas!


Completely agree


Yes, we’ve had time to prepare, but the players then have to execute the plan and strategy. Here’s hoping they do just that…

I love this team! I see no quit in any of them. I also think we have great fans. We may not always agree but I love the passion. We’re very fortunate so let’s keep this season going!

I am certain Nick’s reluctance to fling himself at the rack leans towards his hurt knee You have to be ready to land off balance and weirdly driving and getting banged. Having a bad knee doesn’t lend itself to that. I am so far from Nick Smith as an athlete I hate to reference myself…but I remember how I felt after a knee injury. You want to avoid traffic.

I feel for Nick. I’m sure he’s torn in many directions. I know one thing he came back because he wanted to be a Razorback. I admire him for that and always will.


Our freshmen guards have all struggled with contact. Weight room and maturity will help that. They don’t back down but no doubt it takes a physical toll.

I see where UConn center gets compared to Tishewe of Kentucky, does that mean he is allowed to camp out in the lane and ride over players back to get a rebound without getting called for a foul? If that’s the case he’s not only good he favored, which is BS. WPS


Walsh don’t struggle banging. A B will go inside and bang. AB just didn’t take the ball inside much against Kansas. Smith missed a few shots and didn’t keep shooting. Smith need to see 1 shot fall. The. I think he can get hit. There’s one ball and 5 players who ever has the best shot in a possession need to take it! Council and Devo can’t s ore enough alone to win. If all hogs show they can score that’s what needs to happen. Find a hit hand and ride ‘em. Let’s hope they all take turns scoring.

I swear some people don’t read the whole post. I said “THEY DON’T BACK DOWN” (yelling for those who can’t hear). They will absolutely go inside and bang but physically, our freshman guards have had difficulty making shots inside with contact. I’ve seen it all year long. They need to get stronger and they will as they mature.

AB and Walsh have finished through contact. I think Walsh is good dealing with getting mugging and getting up a shot.
Smith has never got into true game shape but he can go to the hole.
AB can go to the hole but he can’t finish as well as a bigger frames human being. A little darn common sense there.
By the way jack xxx I have watched pretty much everting type of sporting event with a hog on it for years. I’m not a reside expert but there’s plenty on this board.
By the way I use to park in a parking lot years ago
When someone would park so close I couldn’t get either door open until they moved and I had to wait on them or crawl in a window I would
Leave a cartoon message printed on paper on their windshield
“Pitcher Mickey Mouse saying next time leave a can opener xxx hole where I can get in my car.”

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WTH does any of this have anything to do with this post. Love the name calling whenever someone disagrees with any of your posts. I never said any of them could not go to the hole. But they have struggled at finishing when they are up against physically stronger players. It’s not rocket science to expect freshmen to need more time in the weight room and to get stronger.

Have a pleasant day yourself!

Man you have a great day! And by the way read your post that I commented on!!!